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Find Quartz Crystals in Our New Port Richey, FL, Shop

Our store is the place for you whether you’re looking for pretty stones for your collection or crystals in New Port Richey, FL. The difference is in what you believe. Many people enjoy stones for their sheer beauty, while others assign metaphysical properties to crystals. Your views are your own, and our shop assistants at the Coral Reef Rock Shop Inc. are here to help you find what you need.

The Energetic Properties of Crystals

These days, many people believe crystals offer energy that can soothe, calm, and even heal—particularly sought after are quartz crystals. There are a number of different types of quartz, but the most popular are the clear ones. Often called the master healer, clear crystal has the ability to amplify the power of other stones and balance energy. It is used for its ability to clear away negative vibrations.

Find crystals of different sizes and colors in our rock shop. We have single stones, as well as geodes, decorative stones, gemstone beads, and jewelry. Take the time to browse and touch. We’re happy to show you what we have in stock. In addition, we carry jade carvings, which hold the metaphysical properties of protection and harmony.